Graphic Recording


Graphic recording know also as “graphic facilitation”, “visual note-taking”, “doodling”, “image thinking” existed long before XXI century. Many thousand years ago our ancestors used cave painting to leave pictures that inspire and create new realities and tell stories. Today we use same principles of visual thinking for the life drawing of a corporate meeting or event.

Graphic recording is the process whereby I carefully listen to the speaker and illustrate in the real time. To make your work beyond the event clear and understandable I transform your content into individual hand-drawn picture map. As a result, you get simple yet vivid illustrated story, which can be easily understood and remembered by every member of your company. Beautifully drawn it shows your ideas come to life and explains how they fit into the strategy and system.


Graphic recording is effective tool mean of engaging attention, motivating employees and capturing the most vital conclusions of the event. Here are some of my most common areas of work:

  • Strategic planning & brainstorming
  • Conferences, workshops, keynotes, trainings, executive retreats
  • Internal communications including company vision, mission statement etc.
  • Mapping out and refining key business
  • Creative communication campaigns
  • Hand drawn explainer videos
  • Custom illustrations for presentations
  • Hand-drawn infographics and icons for the website


Prior to recording a session we will coordinate on the structure, content, and processes of the meeting as well as graphic style and format (paper vs. digital). After the event I take high-resolution photographs and deliver digital graphic recording editions to you as  JPEG, TIFF, PNG or PSD formats. You can use these to engage people after your on-site experience ends by sharing visuals on social media or site, using them for presentation or printing inspiring key messages in the office.

One of examples of my work you can see here:

My rates include all materials/equipment, any preparatory discussions together, any research required and the digital editing of your digital visual. I ask for 50%  to secure your date up front, and the remaining 50% within five days of your meeting.

I price graphic recording fees according to the nature of your engagement and how much support you need. Once we have discussed the outcomes you want to achieve I can prepare list of my  services and costs. Get in touch to discuss how I can help bring your biggest ideas to the surface and I’ll provide you with a custom quote!